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To be a Global Leader in providing scalable, safe and affordable water solutions to the underserved, through innovative business models.


WaterHealth efficiently purifies any source of water to WHO - quality drinking water standards.


WaterHealth has pioneered breakthrough decentralized purification centers that employ total quality management to stem the water crisis.


WaterHealth’s low-cost operations enable access to purified water at an affordable price via self- service and home delivery.


WaterHealth creates a unique win:win relationship at the community level with benefits like improved health and economic independence.


WaterHealth is the next generation water utility for developing economies, empowering underserved communities by providing access to clean drinking water.

WaterHealth India has been awarded the prestigious Water Benefit Certificates (WBCs) issued by The Gold Standard for our clean and safe drinking water projects in Karnataka

WaterHealth International awarded the prestigious Unilever Global Development Award 2017


Mr Vikas Shah, COO, WaterHealth International (WHI) speaking at a recently held CXO conference organized by Dun & Bradstreet. 

WaterHealth International offers an immediately deployable strategy for processing healthy drinking water in underserved communities. WaterHealth Centers deliver a scalable and sustainable solution to purify any source of water to WHO - quality drinking water standards.

That roughly 10% of the earth’s population forced to rely on contaminated water sources for basic needs.

Access to water only solves part of the problem. A safe, clean, sustainable water supply is the only effective solution.

WaterHealth is committed to increasing adoption of safe water practices and employing local residents in each community.

More than 5 million people in India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia now have access to our pure drinking water.