Dr. Prasad's story

"I hardly have any typhoid patients after Dr. Water came in"

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Dr. Krishna Prasad

Ravipadu villageIndia

Dr Krishna Prasad is a Registered Medical Profession (RMP) aged 54 years. RMPs are roaming doctors who  give medicines to patients at their doorsteps. Earlier, for a period of 10 years, he would regularly get typhoid once or twice a year. Thus, he was unable to treat patients for fear of infecting them. This resulted in an unfortunate loss of work days, especially since he was the sole bread winner in the family.

Today, Dr. Krishna has mixed feelings regarding the new WaterHealth Center set up by WHI. He is happy to the extent that he has not fallen sick at all over the past 1 ½ years since the WHC was set up. This has however come at a cost for him - a reduction of water borne diseases has resulted in a loss of daily income, which he would have otherwise earned.

Thus, recounting his own experience, he always advises his patients to drink the safe water provided by WHI, which he believes will guarantee a reduction of both medical expenses and doctor’s fees.

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