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"WaterHealth helped increase my disposable income"

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Pandula Venkateshwaramma

Kothuru village, Eluru town

Pandula Venkateshwaramma lives in Kothuru Village with her aged mother in law, her two children and her husband.  In addition to looking after her family, she is also the President of the women’s Self Help Group - Sanjiveni.  Unfortunately, her family would constantly fall sick, which was later attributed to unclean drinking water. This would not only put her behind in her work, but would also result in a minimum expenditure of Rs 400 every month on medicines.

When WaterHealth set up a WaterHealth Center (WHC) in the village, things began to change for Pandula and her family. Not only did WHI purify the water in the village, but they also conducted awareness campaigns on the benefits of safe drinking water. Field Executives went from door to door with glasses of water to convince the community about the benefits of drinking Dr. Water. Gradually, Pandula started going to the Center herself to collect the water.

Within 4 months her monthly expenditure on water went down from Rs 450 per month to Rs 120 per month. The overall health of her family members improved, which in turn led to a monthly savings of doctor fees, medicine costs, unnecessary travel costs and mental tension. In total, almost Rs 1500 per month was saved as a result of WHI initiatives.

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