Raju's story

"WHI made me top my class in school"

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Makkinvaripalem villageIndia

Raju is a student of Government High school, studying in class 7 in Makkinvaripalem village. He fell sick with diarrhea quite frequently due to the unclean water he drank at home. As a result, he would miss class at least twice a month. WHIN’s field executive addressed his class and explained to them the benefits of safe drinking water and the diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. He also explained the purification process involved in a WHC and how it would lead to better health. On convincing his father to register with a WHC, things began to change for Raju. Within 6 months, Raju’s health problems took a backseat and he rarely missed a class. By the end of the year, not only did he top his class, but he also became a member of the school’s water committee, motivating the nearby community members to drink safe water.

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